About us:

At Estrategos we are, above all, a team. A senior team of specialists in Regulatory Processes, Preventive Intelligence, Institutional Relations, Consulting and Political Communication. A transversal, transgenerational, connected and close team.

We are the consulting firm with the best territorial capillarity in Spain, reaching all the Autonomous Communities. Today, we have people on the ground in Madrid, Catalonia, Valencia, the Basque Country, Asturias and the Canary Islands. We have offices in Madrid and Barcelona. We also reach out to the European Institutions with people on the ground in Brussels. We are currently a team of more than 25 people that continues to grow. Get to know us!

Francisco Jerez
Founding Partner and CEO

Amparo Plaza
Founding Partner and Director of Marketing and Communications

Sergio López
Founding Partner, Director of Operations and Preventive Intelligence

David Alcobendas
Partner and Regulatory Director

Carlos Gorostiza
Partner and Director

Pablo A. Pichel
Partner and Director

Maika Paniagua
Partner and Director

Carles Salom
Director of Political Communications

Marc Cases
Catalonia Office Manager

Daniel Forcada

Marina R. Miravete

Ana Grande
Management Secretary

Alain Acevedo

Jaume Cabrero

Claas Verron

Alejandro Solís

Ángela Musat

Rocío Ruiz-Jiménez

Sergio Castro