Policy Advice

Estrategos is the first Spanish Policy and Election Campaign Consultancy firm.
We have been advising politicians of all political hues and countries for over ten years.
The consulting services we offer focus on helping politicians,
candidates and ruling politicians achieve their goals.

Our team members have hands-on experience in Politics
since all of us have developed professionally within the very heart of the decision making process.

Contact Ushttps://estrategos.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/inteligencia-preventiva.pngWe are a genuine political cabinet

We have practical experience in Politics as politicians in a political party, counsellors in election campaigns or technicians working for institutions. Our over 10-year experience in regulatory processes in the Congress of Deputies, the European Parliament and other institutions sets us apart.

We were born in the very heart of the decision making process. We have experienced the circles of power. We know how politicians think and act because we used to be part of them. We learned how to reach power.

We have managed election campaigns from a political, strategical and technical point of view both in Spain and abroad.





Policy advice

We offer policy and election campaign advice services from a global perspective. 360º strategies for politicians, candidates, deputies and other public representatives. A comprehensive consultancy service offering everything our clients need, from image issues to communication and marketing strategies, action plans or technical reports.

Policy Management Advice

Government action plans

Advice on public policies

Political consulting for deputies, senators and public representatives

Communication for public representatives

Marketing campaigns for services

Technical management reports

Election campaign consulting

Communication and political marketing strategies

Mobilization actions and Grassroots strategies

Image consulting

Speech preparation, positioning and messages

Quantitative and qualitative analyses

Campaign materials